BDAH Meeting #5 Summary

The last BDAH meeting was held on Friday the 3rd of February 2012 at the Ausdance QLD Belltower Studio.

The following is a summary of what was discussed at the meeting for those of you who were unable to attend …

Ideas –

  • Creation of a guide for the new dancer/graduate dancer.  How does a dancer navigate the dance industry once they are out on their own?
  • A possible monthly project for dancers to partake in to help practice/build skills.
  • Creation of a register/database of BDAH members (for those who agree to be listed) so that other Independents can learn more about you as dancers, choreographers, teachers, producers etc.  Suggested that members provide a link for the BDAH website to their LinkedIn page so that they can maintain their own information and update it whenever they want to.
  • Access to templates for Budgets, Contracts, etc.
  • Possibility of holding BDAH meetings on alternative days.  (We know that Fridays do not suit everybody!)

Issues –

  • Need for more residencies.
  • Dance artists could improve their time management.
  • Need for more opportunities for Dancers – how can we create these?
  • Approaching mentorship – What is mentorship?  How does one go about it? Opportunities for mentorship.  Re-vamping of the Ausdance QLD Bell Jar.
  • Need for improved critical discussion not only around the works that we create but also about dance as an art form itself.
  • Need for new dance studio to replace the Belltower studio.

What is currently happening and being addressed –

  • Ausdance QLD is assisting with skills development for Dance Artists.  See their website for information on the upcoming Production Savvy Workshop.  They are also planning to run more workshops for skill development throughout the year.
  • Ausdance QLD will be doing a sector survey.  Important for artists to complete this survey as it will contribute to the next sector plan.
  • Survey being assembled BDAH to assist with constructing a proposal to QUT for a new residency/theatre season with a research basis.  This survey will help to identify the outcomes that dance artists would like to be able to achieve from a residency/theatre season.
  • Pro Dance Classes Brisbane is now holding the 7th block of classes.  It still needs your support to ensure that these classes continue to run. Please try to enroll before each block commences so that minimum numbers are confirmed and classes are able to go ahead.  Those who are participating regularly are noticing the benefits of doing regular classes!  PDCB aims to add more classes by the end of this year.  New class times will be decided after consultation with current PDCB participants and will also be dependent on studio availability.  If you have a class time that you would attend if it existed … please let PDCB know!  It has been decided that Evan will now receive payment for doing the bookkeeping and Zaimon will receive payment for some of the time he spends overseeing the running/organisation of PDCB.
  • BDAH/PDCB now has a website.  This now means that enrollment for classes is even easier.
  • Ausdance QLD and BDAH will be looking at existing models for Mentorship programs.  If you have any suggestions please forward them to BDAH.
  • The search is still on to find a suitable new space for a studio to replace the Belltower studio.  If you come across any places that you think might be suitable please let BDAH know.

Please if you have any comments, suggestions or issues (either new or in relation to what’s mentioned above), please contact BDAH.