BDAH Meeting 16th May 2012

The next BDAH meeting will be on

Wednesday, 16th of May 2012


Ausdance QLD Bell Tower

This meeting will look at compiling a list of important points that we would like to bring up at the upcoming Arts Queensland forums.   Arts Queensland really want to know what the QLD dance sector wants.  We think it’s worth having some open discussions/debates about the future we all want for the dance sector so then we can present these at the forums!

Please RSVP your attendance to the meeting by sending an email to brisbanedanceartistshub[at]

Some things that have already been brought up over the year are … (and Ausdance Qld are already addressing some of them – thanks)

  • Developing a Producers Package
  • Need for learning better production skills (ties into the above)
  • Need for an affordable and regular dance studio that can be used for
    • Long and short term residencies for artists to create works, research, collaborate ….
    • Professional classes – run at an affordable price for independents
    • A hub for networking, sharing…..
  • Need for boot camp style workshops for Grant Applications – specific to dance
  • Need for more critical feedback sessions and education on how to conduct critical feedback.
  • Need for mentorship opportunities.  Education on what mentoring is about and how to go about finding/approaching a mentor.
  • Need for healthy open debates on dance related subjects …

ie…When you have been given an opportunity to play in a studio there should be:

  1. A public presentation outcome only
  2. A public presentation outcome only
  3. A public discussion outcome only
  4. Both
  5. No public outcome at all
  • Defining teaching rates for independents.
  • Defining performance rates for dancers in projects  – What conditions are acceptable? What are not?
  • Need for choreographic play sessions – providing opportunities for dancers to dance too.

*Please add any other items to this list that you would like to see happen, or issues you think need addressing, or opportunities that you’d like to see more of, etc.

If you are not able to come along to the meeting, but you have something you’d like to see addressed, please let us know by sending an email to or by calling Liz Vilmanis on 0402018475.

Let’s gather together to strengthen our voice! Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, a professional, a long time professional, or a retired professional … your opinion counts.  BDAH acknowledges that there have been many people before us who have fought these battles, if you have, please let us know about  what has been tried/ tested/presented before as this will help us to make more informed decisions.

 “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.
George Edward Woodberry