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New Year Action Plan Meeting

Minutes from the New Year Action Meeting on Saturday 25 January, 2014

This meeting held in the boardroom at Ausdance QLD 9:30am-11:30am (many thanks to Ausdance QLD for their support).

Attendance – Erica Rose Jeffrey (facilitated meeting), Casey Crockett (co-facilitated meeting), Anja Ali-Haapala (recorded minutes) Lizzie Vilmanis, Zaimon Vilmanis, Tiina Alinen, Jacob Williams, Rachael Walsh, Stephanie Do Rozario

Formal apologies: Gabe Comerford, Caitlin Mackenzie, Suzon Fuks

The purpose of this meeting was to continue the conversation from the last Action Plan Meeting (Saturday 30 November, 2013).


Tiina Alinen acknowledged the Cultural Custodians of the Land, the Turrbal People.

Erica Rose provided an overview of the last meeting which was about visioning for the independent dance landscape and thinking deeply about one proposed project. In this meeting the idea to hold a social gathering for independent dance artists developed.

Today’s agenda:

  • Begin planning for the social gathering
  • Continue working on project ideas


To help get ourselves into the right mind space we started by “checking in”.  We all contributed keywords relating to our (personal or broad) vision for the independent dance landscape.

Check ins included:

daring, optimising, access, education, home, identity, capture, manageable, recreation, challenging, interdisciplinary, collaboration, active, priorities, creating, sharing, productive, joyful, creative, remember, change, heritage, first step, foundation, obtainable, confidence



  • “Dabble and Dip: A Social Gathering for Dance Artists” (working title)
  • Social aspect
  • Primarily for connecting people and sharing ideas (more formalised gatherings will be later down the track)
  • Casual, fun, drop-in at any time
  • Live music (potentially)
  • Cultural inclusivity – e.g. bring a cultural dish


  • Either Sunday 2 or 9 March


  • Targeting independent artists, however the broader dance community is welcome to attend
  • How can we encourage young and/or emerging artists to attend?


  • Informal location
  • Kangaroo Point (sunset) or ACPA (outdoor space)
  • Tiina to contact venues


  • BYO  nibbles and beverages
  • Have a designated host from this action group to receive artists as they arrive and explain the various ways that they can engage in the social gathering
  • How do we communicate to the wider independent dance community that this is happening?
  • For artists who cannot attend – can we have something for them to read afterwards?


Brief explanation of the project ideas from the last meeting with a few new project additions from members at today’s meeting:

Metro Moves (online)

  • New/most cost-effective version
  • Putting independent work next to companies
  • Dancehouse’s paper magazine raised again as an example of a possible affordable format.

Daily professional classes

  • Professional level classes
  • Possibly subsidised?
  • Cheap price for artists (Free or $5-ish)
  • Ausdance QLD as a partner?

Stage 1 Festival

  • QDance 2015
  • Profiling dance in Queensland

Dance Debates

  • Comedy feel
  • Teams that must argue for or against the topic (regardless of personal opinion)

Share your practice sessions

  • Getting together with artists to share practice
  • Possibly with artists from other disciplines


  • A few different models to pick from
  • Regular (monthly?) events
  • Community approach – artists help with each other’s presentations
  • Feedback process

Transitions for young artists

  • Currently losing young Brisbane artists to other cities
  • How do we make what’s in Brisbane more visible?

Role of Ausdance QLD

  • How do we help to make Ausdance important to all sectors of dance in Queensland?


Guerrilla mash-ups

  • A take-over of either a derelict or disused building, or possibly a corporate building in order to bring attention to the arts, or work alongside an arts organisation like JWCoCA, Metro, QCA who have already hosted similar kinds of takeovers before.
  • Dance artists working with artists from other disciplines
  • Pull names out of a hat (to decide who works with who)
  • Not just contemporary dance – inclusive of other dance styles
  • Scope – independents
  • Accessible for students (as an audience), and emerging artists as creative participants

Documenting independent dance

  • Develop an online archive (most accessible)
  • Scope – dance in Brisbane (and expanding to Queensland) with an initial focus on independent dance
  • Recording the past (family tree)
  • Documenting the now and future as we go
  • Access for industry, students, researchers and wider community
  • Profile artists, works, artefacts, links to other resources, interviews
  • Knowledge partners – State Library, Ausdance, BlakDance, QUT, ACPA, Australia Council, Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council, Judy, Powerhouse, Metro Arts, QPAC


Two types of meetings:

1. Super (‘general/broad) meetings, where we touch base on what’s happening. These meetings will be coordinated by a person nominated at Super meetings.

2. Small/project-based meetings, where the agenda is focused on a single project. These meetings will be coordinated by the people involved with each project.

Communicating what we’re doing:

Super and project-based meetings will have Facebook event pages created for them (and these are to be posted on the BDAH Facebook page). This way the community will be kept in the loop and will have the opportunity to link into what we’re doing.

*It was noted that there was a low ratio of Independent Dancers and Dance Makers attending the Action Plan meetings and it was suggested that we look at how to encourage more of these artists to attend.

Next Super meeting:

Tiina is coordinating the next SUPER meeting

When: 23 or 30 March

Where: Boardroom at Ausdance QLD – tentative (Lizzie to check availability) or EDC (Zaimon to check availability)