About BDAH

“A communication platform connecting the independent contemporary dance community”

What is it?

BDAH is a communication platform which enables networking, sharing, connecting and planning to occur between independent dance artists in Brisbane.

What is the objective of BDAH?

To provide a sustainable, resourceful and effective environment, supportive of, and run by independent dance artists, offering members diverse opportunities to create, communicate and collaborate.

Why did it start?

BDAH was founded by Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis in 2010 to assist with identifying and addressing the needs of Brisbane independent contemporary dance artists.  By establishing better communicative pathways between members of the dance industry the platform was designed to encourage a supportive and connected community of independent contemporary dance artists, and in doing so, it serves to strengthen the voice of the Brisbane independent contemporary dance sector.

How does BDAH run?

Whilst the platform structure has been devised by Lizzie and Zaimon, the action of BDAH is driven by its members.  BDAH is a communication platform not an organisation.  In other words, it is a tool for aiding introduction to, as well as, connection and activity amongst, the independent contemporary dance community in Brisbane.  Projects which are instigated and activated by BDAH members are connected to BDAH only as long as the platform is required.  In this way the platform acts as somewhat of an incubator for ideas to form and for wheels to be set in motion.

BDAH places emphasis on …

  • Building a stronger community of independent dance artists in Brisbane.
  • Encouraging sharing of information between all levels of independent dance artists.
  • Encouraging the support of one another’s practice and product.
  • Encouraging critical dialogue about performance and practice.
  • Identifying and addressing needs of the independent dance sector in Brisbane.
  • Working together as a community of artists to create opportunities to benefit the knowledge of and practice of dance as an art form and to better understand our own individual artistic processes and practices.
  • Encouraging independent dance artists to pro-actively develop their art form.
  • Building a supportive environment to help independent dance artists sustain their practice within Brisbane.

How do I use BDAH?

  • The first step is to join the BDAH group on FaceBook.
  • On the FaceBook page you can connect with other independent contemporary dance artists (or those involved with the sector) by asking questions, posting comments, offering suggestions, highlighting events, or sharing ideas. You can also propose actions that you’d like to initiate.  You are in charge of your level of involvement, so you can choose to participate just online, or both online and in person.
  • If you have specific skills or tools that you can offer other dance artists, or a way that you can help someone solve an issue or find a solution (or if you know of someone who could), you can volunteer your thoughts and/or services by posting on the page or by messaging a person or group of people.
  • If you want to see something happen with independent contemporary dance in Brisbane then use this platform to plant the seed and set the idea into motion!
  • Share BDAH with any of your own contacts that you think would be suitable to extend the network and help others to connect.

Do I need to have been an independent for a certain length of time to have a say?

No, BDAH encourages all independent contemporary dance artists to use the platform.  All that is asked of you is that you aim to positively shape a thriving Brisbane independent contemporary dance scene.

Are there rules?

Well, BDAH asks you to use your commonsense.  Basically you’ll reap the greatest rewards from the platform if you give as well as take.  Treat others as you would like them to treat you.