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Next BDAH Meeting

There will be an Action Plan Meeting on the 25th of January 2014 from 9:30am – 11:30am.

Venue TBA

You are invited to participate in the further development of the Action Plans discussed on the 1st Action Plan Meeting which was held on the 30th November 2013.

Some Key Action Plans you can choose to participate in are:

1. Stage 1 choreolab
2. A version of solo series
3. Dance Debates
4. Share your practice sessions (cross-disciplinary)
5. Stage 1 festival building
6. Guerrilla mash-ups
7. Bring a friend gatherings
8.Reintroduction of Metro Moves (perhaps in an online format)
9.Daily professional classes
10.Documenting all the Brisbane Independent Dance activities/events through a platform that is accessible to the public

Hope to see you there!

Please RSVP if you are intending on coming by joining the event on Facebook.  You can visit the event page by clicking here.